Aura Visuals

A path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you... Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question... Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't it is of no use.

     Carlos Castaneda ( The Teachings of Don Juan )

Project description
Processes that cause changes in harmonic information-filed oscillations of body cells turning them into disharmonic ones are the root of all pathologies that take place in human organism. These changes occur in cells due to functional and structural changes in body organs. Of course, reversion of these unfortunate changes is not an easy task, but it is possible to just “tune up” those functional disturbances by turning disharmonic oscillations into harmonic ones.

Fixing functional disturbances of human organs and systems and bringing back normal physiological oscillations will relieve you from various pathological symptoms, and there is no need of using any medicaments whatsoever. For that we offer you our new bio-resonance methodology Aura Visuals.

Many people know about physiological hormonal frequencies that surround us. For example: - tonic and relaxing music
- irritating or pleasant range of colors
- pleasant or unpleasant smells and odors
- such simple things as, for example, calming or stimulating words

This list could be continued further and further – those are the elements that bring either positive or negative frequencies to our body.

Unfortunately, these frequencies are nothing else but a background that surrounds us. These stimuli rarely (almost never) reach the organ we are aiming to cure, they are often unable to affect our organism and cure it completely. Why not?

Well, these stimuli, after getting inside our organism through sensory organs, get settled and then filtered by our subconsciousness, where 99% of them remain thereafter. This is normal. Our subconsciousness is a barrier, which keeps our organs from undesirable and unexpected stimuli, be they good or bad for us.

Never the less, we are familiar with some methodologies of uniting consciousness with subconsciousness. There are many such methods worked out by science, psychology and philosophy. Using these methods we can allow good frequencies to get through a barrier of psycho-verbal filters into our organs and systems, making them work in unison with harmonic frequencies, which would relieve our organs from various functional disorders and problems. It is worth noting that this methodology cannot harm you in any way. There is only one contraindication – epilepsy. Our methodology of bio-resonance treatment of organ functions is absolutely harmless. Organs are made to work in unison with harmonic frequencies, therefore were these frequencies harmful and disharmonic – our organs would refuse of working with them. Inbuilt self-preservation barrier will prevent that from happening.

For quite a long time science considered that combinations of amino acids and their order form a human chain of genome. Until contemporary quantum physics combined with modern technology discovered and proved the existence of sub-molecular field structures, which possess the qualities of both energy and matter at the same time, as well as a number of holographic qualities. These very sub-molecular field structures are building blocks of human genome, they unite humans with nature, and they unite macrocosmos and microcosm.

Aura Visual methodology is not new, and it has not been just made up. This is the billions of years of knowledge about nature and cosmos combined together. In this methodology we united Eastern philosophy and modern medicine, ancient metaphysical knowledge about nature and cosmos as well as the most recent knowledge of quantum physics. Aura Visual combines a bunch of bio-resonance components, which are supported and enhanced by video associative components. This complex as a whole allows us to influence a functional disorder directly and harmonically.

Using our Aura Visual methodology we can fix physiological disorders of our body with the help of the laws of nature, laws of micro and macrocosmos.

Brief explanation of mechanism of action.
In many philosophical movements you can hear a term avidya – delusions about oneself and the world. The other meaning is – uneasy state of mind. This state is considered to be the main cause of human sufferings, sorrows and illnesses. Only acceptance of oneself as a part of the world can relieve from pain and problems. This principle is given a great significance in our methodology, we use a holistic approach of holistic medicine. There is one paradox in physics (a koan, if you will) – all solid matter consists of atoms. But if we go deeper and look at the physics of an atom (protons, electrons, sub-molecular particles) we will see, that all the space inside the molecules consists of mostly, well, emptiness. Wait, it gets better. We consist of emptiness, so to say, and so does everything around us, yet we are unable to walk through walls. That is because even though atoms and particles move chaotically, they are still able to retain the form of the matter. This reminds of a fan, parts of which can be seen as a whole round disk when they are rotating at a high speed.

We began our explanation talking about principles of action of our methodology, and questions with tough-to-find answers. These questions are directly connected to human health and our methodology. They have remained unanswered for a really long time. Every time people tried to find answers, they were treated with misunderstanding and accusations of being metaphysical.

But now, in the beginning of this century and thanks to the efforts of a great number of scientists and philosophers, we are finally trying to figure it all out. Let’s now take a look at what actually happens in our body.

As we already know from biology, biological energy is formed in our body cells. It is formed of fats, protein and carbohydrates. After undergoing various complex neurohumoral processes in and outside the cell, a system of mitochondria, cytochrome, with the help of oxygen and phosphate we receive an energy source adenosine triphosphate (or ATP), which then directly creates highly energetic flows of bio-electrons in cells of our body.

So, to sum it up:
First of all, metabolism is a process of transformation of material substances into biological electro-energy of our body, after which electro-energy together with the flow of electrons create electric magnetism in their movement.
And second of all, biologic energy is electromagnetic energy, and it has an electromagnetic field.

When we start looking into all these answers, we end up having even more questions. The only progression is that now we can use scientific postulates while talking about bio-resonance of a living organism, without being accused of getting metaphysical. So...

Of course, we could use Maxwell’s equations when studying electromagnetic fields – the most generic equations for electric and magnetic fields in their calm state. Going by Maxwell we come to a conclusion that alternating magnetic field is always related to an electric field which creates it, and alternating electric field is always connected with the magnetic field it creates. Ergo, electric and magnetic fields are inseparably connected – they form an electromagnetic field.
But this is applicable for the calm state only. The role of these equations in electromagnetism study is about as big as the role of Newton’s laws in mechanics. It is hard to apply Newton’s physics when talking about a living organism. Quantum physics with all its modern discoveries is much more useful here. Especially, such discoveries as quantum field theory, which studies behavior of quantum systems with unlimited number of degrees of freedom – quantum or quantized fields.

This way, electromagnetic fields of a living organism, as well as all disturbances in these fields (such as electromagnetic waves) cannot be studied using Maxwell’s physics. Any electromagnetic wave moves with the same speed – a speed of light. Light is also an electromagnetic wave. The length of this wave determines whether it is optical radiation (infrared or ultra-red), radio radiation, X-radiation or gamma radiation. It is so, as long as we state that there is no particle with the speed higher than the speed of light (tau lepton).

Modern science shows that Einstein, as genius as he was, did not consider such a possibility. Some discoveries made by a number of scientists, in theory and practice both, prove the existence of smallest particles called tau leptons (Martin Lewis Perl).

Martin Perl was awarded a Wolf Prize in physics (1982) for discovering a third generation of particles (tau, micro leptons, tau leptons). Later he was awarded a Nobel Prize in physics together with a physicist Frederick Reines (1995). So, we are talking about wave, resonance interaction of smallest particles – tau leptons. Their mass (10-40) is significantly smaller than the mass of electrons (10-31).

Later, a number of scientists confirm the existence of particles with minute sizes, possessing qualities of a matter and energy both, together with wave resonance (holographic soliton mechanisms). This way, there is a tau lepton field around every object – a human being, for example. The smaller the tau leptons – the more diffused the field is.

There is a place where tau leptons had been under study for many years now – an International Nuclear laboratory CTRN (CERNConseil Europeen de la Recherché Nucleaire, European organization for nuclear research. Its members are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, UK, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden and others. These countries have a status of an observant: Israel, India, Russia, USA, Turkey, Japan, European Commission and UNESCO).

Their project called OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-Racking Apparatus) has already found proof that smallest particles have an ability to possess speed higher than the speed of light. This again proves the existance of not only the smallest particles, but also biofields with special qualities. So, considering all these scientific discoveries and inventions we have come to the conclusion – internal bioenergy of a human being is directly connected to electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields of each organ in a human body are combines into one EMF (electromagnetic field). This field has information-holographic nature. If there is a possibility of influencing this field, it would allow correction and diagnostics of functions of each separate organ in human body.

Therefore, using our methodology we make an attempt to create a possibility for organs to bio-resonate with harmonic frequencies in human body, which would help a weak organ or system to restore.