"Sensitiv Imago" equipment has taken a gold medal on "ITM 2009" International Technical Fair (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

An International Technical Fair is founded in 1892. Runs annually. In 1936 received UFI mark. Partner country is Hungary. International Technical Fair represents recent development of world leaders in mechanic engineering, transport, automobile manufacturing, information technologies, software, electronics and electric engineering, building and construction works, ecology, chymistry, power-engineering, etc. International Exhibitions that proceed as a part of International Technical Fair:

  • AQUATECH – Water resources management and technology.
  • AUTOTECH – Transport equipment and service.
  • ELTECH – Electronics and electric engineering.
  • ENECO – Power-engineering and environment.
  • INFOTECH – Information technologies.
  • MACHINE BUILDING – Mechanic engineering.
  • STROYTECH – Building and construction works and architecture.
  • CHEMICAL INDUSTRY – Chymistry.

  • You can read more about the fair here.
    Exhibition press-release in Bulgarian: at the left you can see nominees (winners) of the exhibition, Sensitiv is #10:
    One more press-release (we are at the right, #10):
    Also reports on exhibition:
    Information from site of International Technical Fair, you can see the Alpha-Med company, our Russian partners.
    General information about exhibition: