Question which are familiar to everybody

Probably each of you has such a friend or a relative around you. This person, who has been cureing their own chronic diseases for long years. He goes on long corridors of the hospitals, collects the endless analysises. He gets much changes of diagnosis, getting herewith enormous amount of classical medications in the same way. All these disease are not cured, and new diseases are finding out during the process of the examination , which in turn require the new examinations and new medication. But once upon a time he can get a offer even simply to cut several problem-solving organs by operative way!

Disappointed person understands that there is something wrong and he begins to search for alternative. A alternative medicine the only thing waits such patient and of course our friend finds a specialist on East medicine (Orient practically) quickly. The doctor of the Orient practically does not interest the studies what you passed before from a traditional professor, in the same way he practically has a small interest as you were cured before. The doctor of the Orient practically begins to study your organism carefully with East canon point of view of passings to energy (Chi , Ki , Prana), and with Yin-Yang interaction point of view. Herewith he puts you diagnosises that he considers as correct and fix its treatment in the same way. And here is person seems that his condition must be perfected. But it does not improve, or improves but not for long.

Let's shall not accuse the East specialist that he does not take in attention diagnostics data of the traditional medicine. Let's shall not accuse the East specialist that he does not consider in principal correct to take that medicinal preparations, which patient has fixed the professor of official medicine.
Probably he right. I think as the professor of official medicine should refuse diagnosises and methods of the treatment of the East specialist. And probably he will turn out to be rights as well.

So what occurs?
Is our classical medicine is really mistaken?

I do not think so.
The enormous amount of the european medicines have been rescued the lifes of million people.

But could East medicine mistaken too ?
I so do not think in the same way.
The experience accumulated by China, Tibet, Japan, Korea, India and the whole of Asia has been rescueing people of different diseases for many thousand years.

But what about your friend?
Why he and millions of such patients can not be cured.
Can their disease simply cureless - ask you...

But possible each of said specialist-physician sees into your friend some object of the examination and treatments only?

Classical medicine divides you on hutches, organs , systems organ and afterwards sends you to specialist, who know their subject much deeply as celluar level.

But if this specialist will not find a disease, he will send you to the other specialist. Moreover Helth system encourages such way, considering that only institute of ,,the Brain,, can understand how ,,material,, organ works and only institute on ,,Heart,, will be able to understand that such ,,Heart muscle,,.

But what about East specialist?
He interests the flows of the energy in your organism. He carefully studies about energy to fall into your organism, how it transforms in ,,chakr,, and how it could send in regular 2-h intervals on 12 main meridians. He studies your organism in the same way. He shall realize if additional meridians which have charge of internal processes works well.
If he will find the breaches and deflections of Yin-Yang energy, he will act upon your biologically-active points. He will balance the energy, and probably will be able to cure your organism.

Why it occurs?
Why very clever, dear and experienced specialists cures something different of the same person. Why they do not interest the results of the examinations from the other specialist?

All these questions high-hats to itself for a long time until I got do what I am doing now.

The human is not a set of organs. The organs , which controlled by periphery and central nervious system. In the same way human is not a conductor and converter of the energy, which portioned to meridians.

So what is an organism of the human?
Concerning with answer to this question I have found much people which this interests in the same way. This people from different scientific circle classical and alternative medicine. They live in miscellaneous point globe.

Today, using all available knowledges, we can speak that an organism consists of seven interactive levels. Each of them has complex materially-and-energy anatomy and physiology and each of them can be a subject to breach structures, and functions. And interaction on all these seven levels must be system, considering particularities each separately and their interactions as a whole.

This web-site either as all my work, studies, methods of the examination and treatments are directed on wholeness of these seven levels rather then to see in patient the separate organs, systems, meridians and other studied and not studied part of ,,the general body and energy,,.

All my works are intended on not to separate the person on components but help ,,the general body and energy,, to cope with problem in his physical and spiritual health.

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