A feed, diet, health (Tiresome clause for sick and thick)  


At last that has come a long-awaited time of a dinner and you who are not eaten already more than five hours, siting down before a plate with meal. The meal does not smell well as you like, and you do not like same garnish too. But you are hungry so much and you have to fill your stomach with this food. Certainly then you will think that is better you would not eat it, that in a stomach unpleasant sensations, but already late are felt. You once again have voluntary poisoned your organism.

Such situation is well known to everyone. We know very well what is not necessary to eat and what is not useful but, 4-5 hours have passed and we again in searches of that to eat. And not always we eat healthy food.

Please try to fill your car bad petrol instead of normal one or to fill a diluted petrol or moreover, to fill in diesel fuel. How will your car react? Try to give a dog or a cat stale meal - they will simply refuse it.
I shall give you even more clear example - give the infant child a tasteless stale food. Have guessed what will occur.
In fact the kid still knows nothing about the excessive maintenance of cholesterol or about over albuminous saturation of an organism the Organism of the child itself could access correctness of a feed. And it will occur till the moment while the child will not mature and , itself, will not start to choose that would be desirable it - a cake or sweets, and smoked bacon or grill hot dogs with beer. Yes,I have forgotten to tell, our child simply spitting out yours, wrong, meal!

So what occurs? Becoming more adult, clever, we cease to understand that is necessary for us for health and we eat what palm off on us in supermarkets or what is pleasant to our brain. We forget that our organism requires the correct and careful attitude to. We recollect it, as a rule, only when what that the body already simply refuses to work. And instead of helping it and to start to care of an organism - we go to see a doctor and ask a medicine!!! And more considerably adjusted - ask the doctor-surgeon to remove the organ which has disappointed them.

You can protest and you will be right.
For example you can tell so.
,, if it is possible to be such choosy about a meal, when my family has no money,,
, My work.
I do not have not enough time not that what to eat properly, I should have time for meal on a dream. So I am visiting to Fast-Food and take three hamburgers. Simply say, only not die from hungry.

I met and such arguments.
, There are a 5 persons in my family. Everyone needs some special and especial. I am not simply capable to make it. Here on it I shall fry a lot of potato and gamburgers. I know there is unhealthy food, but everyone will be full and...., happy.
And such argument like this.
, I cannot simply give up to myself in pleasure to eat a kilograms piece of the pork fried on a grill, to wash down by by two beer bottles, and after that to get from a refrigerator a pie with a custard and to eat so much how many in me still to be located. It is the pleasure to lay after that on a sofa and hard breathing to enjoy digestion. You will try it as it is remarkable! We live only once and I cannot resist against such temptation.

All these objections - objections of ordinary alive people. People with the weaknesses and lacks.

We certainly shall accept their arguments. But please, do not persuade me to agree with them when they want to be healthy. Or when they are ready to eat a tablet or medicines that the stomach would stop to hurt, and then again to continue to push into itself some sausage, pork legs and tens kgs of cakes and sweets.

They should know precisely that they want. If they wish not to pay attention what pushed into itself - let they will forget about health. If they wish to be healthy - let will change priorities in meal, work, family and the main thing in habits.

I wish to tell to you, to begin to eat properly never late.
And results of it we can see much earlier than to you it seems.
But to cure at illness and to not change the diet - it is impossible.

Each a person is unique. It is impossible to find a fashionable diet in magazine and to tell that to a diet will help to become younger. To tell that more precisely so it is possible, here only it will not be the truth. To prove to you it I shall try to list some principles of individual selection of treatment by an eutrophy.

Please reflect on such things as...

- All we are different
All we are different not only on age and to features of character, but even to twins are not always useful to brothers or sisters the same products, and frequent a case that that one of twins loves - causes an allergy to other

- Groups of blood and meal.
Historically groups of blood at people developed depending on what this or that tribe was engaged - one of the most widespread groups of blood was inherent in tribes, hunters, whose food basically was meat. Other group not less widespread, was at, farmers, - whose food traditionally developed as vegetarian. As there are also more universal groups of blood, on visible evaluation way they was generated as a combination of several one. So if you are a typical hunter, will translate on vegetative - a vegetarian diet, please do not surprised that in some months you will find a problem with health. So please, force the farmer to eat meat all the day long and You receive a classical albuminous intoxication of its organism and some classical illnesses as well.

- Abuse of a favourite, meal.
Let's take absolutely healthy person and knowing as he loves a sweets, we shall reproach it them without interruption. Not enough what doctor will correct for its health after several years of such pleasure. I any more do not speak about fat, overroasted food or especially about abusing alcohol.

-food and weak or sick bodies.
Principle of a feed in view of, weak, bodies. Or a principle of a feed in view of sick bodies. The first it when is necessary to consider that that there is a body which is really predisposed to illness or works at full capacity you should make your menu so that to not load this and without that, weak, body excessive work on recycling your meal.
The second is to consider features of sick body. It means what to make your day time diet so, that in it there would be products which will be, medicines, for your sick body.

- Volume and a dosage of a feed.
There was such old joke when one friend advised another the best diet. The second refused to listen as could not accept not one of known diets because could not limit itself in what I love for a long time . The first has answered that its diet especial - observing it is all is possible that want, without restriction. As so, has not believed another. And so, you first at this diet have answered can eat all that would be desirable you, but only on 20 cents a day! Is everything is possible, but on a few!

- Water.
You perfectly know that our organism more than on 80 % consists of water. And we reflect how many we drink? We reflect as as we drink. I think very few people thinks of it. More important vital cares suffice us, than to think of such nonsense. Nevertheless, if you prefer to be patients and to drink medicines, can not read up this advice up to the end.
When we wish to drink - the organism is dehydrated! Please remember this gold rule. Do not lead up the organism without water. Drink all the day , that the feeling of thirst would not come to you never. Also give an organism so much some water how many to it it is necessary!

- Moderation in meal.
Moderation in meal, unloadings in a feed and even starvation.
All this can be useful not only for a sick organism or an organism which to be on the verge of disease but also for quite healthy. We try to allow to have a rest to ours, to nerves, and we go to lie down in a shadow of a palm tree. We sometimes allow to have a rest to our tired legs and we sit down in a convenient armchair. What to speak, we at times even switch off our computer or the TV that they once again did not overheat and have served us longer. And here to that our organism day without a break, practically without interruption digests all muck and not only which we push into it, we remain are indifferent Try to give an organism rest from meal - and it will by all means thank you for it.

All this, only small part of examples, only partial list of all those criteria which we try to consider when we help your organism to get rid of illness. Certainly here it is possible to speak and about
- food additives and vitamins,
- to a parity of vegetative and animal food in a diet,
- to influence of a teeth and language on your health,
- balancing energy Yin - Yang by means of products
- a feed in view of seasons and a geographical arrangement

And much many other things. Each of you the unique person and each of you requires an own healthy feed. But solve for you we cannot.
To solve as correctly you eat we can only together with you.

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