Care about your health

Would you like to be helthy?
If yes, why?
Are You afraid of the sufferings, pains or deaths?
Or are You very thrifty and you want to be runnable and harebrained and spend at minimum for this?
But would you like to live 100 years and to be happy of the contact with grandson and great-grandson?

There is not dependents of Your answer, this answer You could address not to me but to your self. Because You need for your own health and you personally responsible for your health.

We have known the advices as though - how to it is necessary to be healthy. But a lot of us pay no attention to these advices. These people hope that when it pain, good doctor will give him medicine. But if medicine will not help, that someone will make the hand magic motion and we shall be able to live ,,as before,, , not making CARE about our organism.

Here is such, little flippant start of this article.

Nevertheless each of us can be healthy, can live long time, herewith you may dispose of unassisted diseases surgeon and antibiotic. But you should want it and want it properlly.

My question is - ,, Why You want to recover,,?

This question I shall ask you to hear, do You want to feel yourself better and return to former lifestyle - so means that You want to weaken symptoms of ill only. But this symptoms may strike You again under the first suitable event. In this case, You do not want to destroy the reason a disease and You need only ,,TABLET AGAINST PAIN,,. Then you may descend in drugstore and take a medicine. But You need any physician only to get the prescription for the medicine.

If You want to forget about Your disease - You must to dispose of reasons and after recoverring not to return back.

Not necessary to be a magician to name the cardinal principles to be healthy.

Here is these principles, please remember or write:
- correct, exactly for You , balanced feeding
- a regular motion or exercises, which You will deliver pleasure
- a positive feeling and emotion
- a rest and amusements - ,,sins,, without bells and whistles
- need of the constant defogging of the body (as outside, so into)

Here are these miraculous rules.

If You follow it you will take out of your lexicon of the word - a physician, medicine, drugstore.
These simple rules became to be magic for many people, which want to become healthy! But it is impossible to avoid not one of the magic rules, they work only all together.

I would like to explain it in more detail.

Well known Edgar Case (I recommend you to learn a little more about him) never gave magic molded for recovering or magic advice of health. But he has such magic advice for us. This english word - ,,CARE,, ( CARE ).

The Bases to healthy life, according to Case, possible to explain:
and elimination

The Abbreviation of these words (Circulation, Assimilation, Relaxation, Elimination) in english sounds as CARE - that is to say ,,care,,. These four components - a circulation, assimilation, relaxation and elimination - capable to provide the good general state, health and long time life.

Without normal circulation impossible no normal processes to vital activity. In the same way without normal circulation, ability of the body to self recovering vastly falls. Natural resources of organism are supported only by reconstruction.

The assimilation - a second key understanding. This means the ability of the organism to recook and adopt the food. One of the aspect to assimilations is observance of the diet, which, according to Mr. Case, must be following: 20% tart products, 80% - alkaline. As well as eight glasses of water daily. The Assimilation depends on that, as it is prepared food and as one products match with others. For instance though citrus plants fruits and flakes from cereal are a good and healthy food - separate, are not recommended use them simultaneously, since this can break the process of the digestion.

The third word - relaxation. In this notion enters not only normal dream, rest and nothing not fission but also physical exercises. In organism due to be present the well balance spiritual, mental and physical sphere. Person, who does not conduct in its lifes of the place active rest and does not take care of that that mood corresponded to each phase - that person defrauds itself and someday must will pay for this.

And finally elimination. Good elimination is necessary for organism which could be cleaned from toxin, clean the internal organs and orderly function. Long before people has begun to jest on cause regulary natural departures, Edgar Case advised to client to keep a check on that to perfected products were removed from bowels daily. For this people were to keep the diet, much go, take the nice baths, it is correct to breathe and drink water in plenty.

All aforesaid is one more proof of my statement. But the main by proof is health and long time of life for them who follows this simple rule. It is Necessary to say that Mr. Case could recover heavy sick and even rescued them from death. He did this their own simple rule.

And in conclusion I like not to forget about one, of no small importance thing. We know to have the preventive maintenance. But we keep the ideas of the complex approach to disease too. Some sources name this ,,cholystetic,, approach to patient - wholeness of the organism.
There is a gestalt-method which is directed to wholeness of the organism and complex approach to person. We agree with it.
Moreover our theory ,,7 levels,, of the organism speaks of complex approach to health and to disease. Our theory learn the all a history to lifes of the person rather then only researches of his disease. We do the accent on holistic personality with his consciousness in the aggregate rather then on forming symptoms or disease.

Well and while we have touched upon the problem consciousnesses, there is importance to note that emotions and sufferingses play the significant role in our health and general state. The Good mood optimism, joy, humour to promote our health. In the same way either as negative emotions, stresses ( realized and not realized awes and fury ) can already itself cause the diseases not only physical organ.
Your attitude to your health, in the same way as to its disease can save you from tablets not only and powder but and from operation.

You should choose the approach to your health by yourself. We will be able only to help You to go correct way.

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