Practical principles of work

We take as a basis that the organism of the person is very complex self-adjusting and itself restored system. It is that multilevel wave (7 levels model) model about which we have spoken.

The information about a life and all time processes of an organism record on so-called internal, a biological computer. This recording is carried out in structures of consciousness, subconsciousness, over consciousness and as unconscious levels. This record at higher information-power levels is adjusted.

If in an organism there is an infringement of any body, all organism suffers. And therefore are broken not only energy - information communications, but probably self-control and self-restoration.

All the basic deep reasons of illnesses arise and function on higher than organic, wave (vibrating) levels of a human body - in its wave or ,,power skeleton,,. And, unfortunately, traditional medicine cannot diagnose these reasons, and it diagnoses their consequences, consequence of these reasons and treats. We have developed a technique of definition of these deep reasons and a nonconventional way of their correction.

Our task is-
- to establish steady, authentic and the main thing safe communication for an organism with, bio-computer,
- after that to reveal the deep reasons of damages
- and as to find ways of fine tuning and correction of self-adjusting biosystems

All the so-called deep reasons we divide into 3 basic groups:
1 external is negative-wave or energy - information influences
2 negative wave processes living inside of a power skeleton
3 parasitic wave processes living inside of a power skeleton (viruses, bacteria, fungi, the elementary, parasites....)

Proceeding from all aforesaid our task is-
- to reveal the deep reasons of infringement of work of multilevel system of an organism
- to eliminate or weaken the actions causing the reasons of infringements
- to start or modify processes of self-control
- to optimize ability to live of multilevel system of an organism

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