Organism as system of many levels (The theory for experts and not only)

As I have already spoken in my articles , I do not think as a correct way to divide the person into systems and bodies.

Let's consider an organism as a unit. We cannot naturally deny those traditional systems which mankind uses for understanding of traditional anatomy.

In our representation the human anatomy is not only European representation of anatomy - systems and bodies, physiology and classical pathological physiology.

And not only East representation
- entrance, a gate, energy
- stores and transformers - chakrs
- meridians and biologically active points
- output gate of energy.

In our present representation the person is a multilevel organism in which are closely crossed 7 various, cellular-power levels.
And according to modern representations of physics, elementary particles of all of seven levels can get functions of energy and energy can get functions of material particles.

But also these 7 levels are a single whole of an organism. Notwithstanding what we expand traditional concept about an organism, notwithstanding what we speak about 7 levels of a body, we approve about unity of all these levels and impossibility to divide them even more persistently. Especially for diagnostics and treatment of the person.

Let's try to explain popularly why right now we understand that an organism is more volumetric than systems of bodies and energy in them.

A.European representation about medicine
So we could begin with that what is known about classical medicine. The given representation young enough, as however and conservative.
The classical medicine originates since times Ibn-e Sina (Avicena). Its work - (the Canon of a medical science) - the greatest on value and the maintenance a monument of culture - has been written in 1012-1024. We can already find theories in these works, the positive and negative beginnings. Unfortunately later the medicine began to divide more and more a human body into parts and to study a brain in, Institute of a brain, and heart in, Institutes of experimental cardiology. There is nothing bad. The modern science began capable to spend the most complicated biochemical analyses of bodies and systems. Became possible according to ,,onkologycal marks,, and data of a computer tomography and magnetic resonance to spend early diagnostics of oncology and to render more duly operative help. All cannot be denied these achievements. It is possible to tell that the traditional medicine diagnoses diseases, treats and renders the preventive help for diseases of bodies, systems of bodies and as their functions.

B.East medicine
Now we shall address to bases of ancient and today's so-called east medicine. This medicine is much more senior traditional. Mentions of it can be met long before our era. Philosophy of these sciences speak about unity of the person, its organism and, Five elements, the Universe. The microcosm (person) repeats a macrocosmos (Universe) with constant power an exchange between them. Balance Yin - Yang (female-man's) the energy circulating both in space, and in an organism of the person defines physical and spiritual health. Knowing ways of receipt of energy in an organism, knowing how and when energy passes on bodies, it is possible to diagnose what meridian suffers from lack or surplus of energy. Knowing about meridians and biologically active points, knowing as it is possible to fill up or on the contrary to delete power stocks, it is possible to select individual methods of treatments for the patient. So it is possible to tell, that maintenance of balance of vital energy and its balancing at painful conditions are in turn a basis of east medicine.

C. Physical representation about an organism
Each of us met knowledge which left from material representation about the world and the person. Interaction of aura, telepathy and other. Each of us understood that all this has any explanation. But those from us who were the supporter of materialism, simply had no material proofs. The same who was not the supporter of materialism had or had no belief in it. Many thinking doctors considered, that as soon as the science will understand bases of these phenomena, the medicine can receive additional, missing knowledge. Long time on sufficed a part. Not only what to explain many processes in an organism, but also what to connect parts.

Let's address to physics. Some century this science repeated a way of development of material medicine. It studied only those phenomena which it was possible to simulate or prove practically. In due course physicists received more and more exact devices and techniques and here today they send on absolutely other level of studying. Though the medicine remains more conservative science up to ??? times.

And so, a situation in classical medicine now reminds position in the classical physics of the beginning XX centuries when with opening elementary particles of a matter the substance like would disappear, there was something, that has been named by the uncertain term "energy".

In biology we collide with the same . The understanding of DNA is more exact, the further we leave from strategy gtnom in construction of biosystem. But if the physics with advantage has accepted as a reality paradoxes that of biology and the medicine only should pass this way, it as will seems to me it more hard:
- here and there simultaneously,
- the wave and a particle are combined,
- electron resounds from all Universe,
- vacuum - anything, but it generates all

We would not like to press in complex physical processes. But we should explain you why Psychophysical representation about an organism today has material proofs.

Here some short theses, which give us an idea on unity and inseparability, organ-functional, (classical) and power-energy-exchange (east) medicine and as about existence of one more - psychophysical a part.
- studying structure of atom - electron, neitrino, leptons
- opening and studying of tau-leptons, microleptons
- studying soliton and wave mechanisms,
- studying physical properties holographic soliton
- wave resonant interactions at alive and lifeless matters
- works and the experiences proving that infringements resonance of wave structure
causes infringements of the order of amino acids
- studying sign semyotic-semantic radiations and acoustics- electromagnetic fields

Theoretical explanation

- at the certain level of an organism, a microparticle of this level can receive the properties inherent in energy
- in turn energy can be capable to receive properties of particles
- all these microparticles are capable to cooperate among themselves on means especial soliton interactions
- soliton interactions of particles have the special holographic nature, that gives them an opportunity to bear on itself the information on the whole organism
- an important role of vibrations at all levels of an organism connected with interaction micro-energy particles

What practical sense bears all aforesaid?

- on the basis of scientific given last years we consider an organism as system consisting of seven levels
- we have ceased to understand an organism as the divided systems and bodies
- concept of energy of an organism directly ???????? with all levels
- vibrations have huge value both in diagnostics and in treatment
- the concept a pathology extends on all multilevel system of an organism
- Interactions of microparticles among themselves enables us on another to look at occurrence of illnesses, methods of diagnostics and ways of treatment.

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