Our methodic

We offer you a unique opportunity of a modern medical-diagnostic technique with the help of the newest technologies.

Our methodic has helped to recover or to not be already ill for many and many people.
Do not stand aside, take care of your organism and it with gratitude will serve you long happy years!

You can reserve time for your visit by phone: + 420 731 800 441

The highly skilled experts having the highest cvalification of classical and east medical, offer the knowledge for diagnostics and treatments.

We provide this examination on the basis of high technologies -nls-, wave and bioresonant calculations. Diagnoses are put on the basis of detection of relationships of cause and effect.

We offer you following opportunities of our technique in a combination to modern bioresonant equipment SENSETIV 500:
- to lead the analysis system and organ’s conditions of whole organism
- to reveal available diseases and to establish their original cause
- to lead the forecast of complications for 1 year and 5 years
- to find the most effective way of treatment
- to reveal diseases in before clinical stages that is inaccessible at use of such methods as ultrasonic, Rx, computer tomography, etc.,
- to analyse hereditary predisposition
- to establish the reason of allergic conditions
- to reveal activators available in an organism a bacterias, viruses, parasites
- to estimate biological activity of microflora
- to reveal character of changes in bodies-functional or organic
- to define acid-alkaline balance
- to define a level of hormones, biochemical structure blood and urine
- to chose an individual diet in view of group of blood
- to find the individual scheme of treatment which includes selection of preparations and their dosages by testing in to the bioresonant chamber
- to reveal compatibility of preparations, including with preparations which you already accept
- to simulate effect of treatment
- to avoid or reduce on a minimum by-effects
- to refuse or reduce on a minimum reception alopatic medicines causing huge quantity of by-effects with an opportunity uses only well checked up, natural products of such firms as Energy, Starlife, Tiens, Heel, Boiron...
- opportunity of preventive inspection and treatment for , absolutely healthy,
- treatments by means of bioresonant therapy – Moro therapies and BRT therapies

So, examination like this in clinics, it is required to you at least 2,5 months, let alone material inputs. We can give you enable to receive the fullest information for 1 - 3 hours, moreover it will be done in view of your constitution, hereditary predisposition and age variations.

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