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"I know this medicine, I have become pregnant because of it..."

It is pleasant, while during the presentation when you were telling about a medicines which we appoint, some female voice is suddenly distributed - "I know this medicine , I had become pregnant because of it..."

The predecessor of « Bioinformation medicine » was a classical « Physiotherapy » where influence on biosystems is carried out by the strong physical factor: a magnetic or electric field. These are power influences. As a rule, the energy absorbed by biosystem turns to heat. Unlike physiotherapeutic, bioinformation influences cooperate with metabolic and neuro processes of biosystem. These are information influences. Their intensity is rather small, but efficiency of influence considerably surpasses efficiency of power influences as they are as though built in the vital processes and correct them at presence of this or that pathology.

Last decades the public health services has faced the big problem. The set of chemical medical products is caused with the big number of by-effects and allergic reactions. The disturbing statistics can be met in medical magazines, reports of bodies of health protection. In this situation the person addresses to the genetic memory, to all natural . Millions people search for an opportunity to refuse to the use the chemical medicines.

Unlike medicines, the bioinformation medicine, allows to eliminate the reasons, illnesses leading our organism. Getting in our organism, the information instantly sets harmonious work of all systems. "New millenium Preparations" does not render chemical action but adjusts an organism on health, normalize and debug fermental and hormonal processes.
The illness passes as though return development– from heavier to easier phases and health is gradually restored.

Classical medicines, as a rule, only suppress external displays of disease. They block protective reactions of an organism and leave the reason of illness in safety. In due course illness passes on deeper and already, unfortunately, irreversible phases. Protective fermental systems is finishing to work, and organism becomes defenceless.

Huge advantage of bioinformation additives consists in that, that they have no contra-indications, do not cause allergic reactions. Children, pregnant women, people of advanced age can accept them and also they can be combined with usual (allopatic) medicines, from which in complex and heavy cases not always probably to refuse.

In our diagnostic center, by means of the modern equipment, this advantage it is possible to bring to perfection. To find individually the most suitable preparation and its dosage in view of your constitution, hereditary predisposition and, if necessary, in view of preparations already applied by you.

We offer and we use only well checked up, natural products. For example, natural preparations of firm " ?n?rgy ", have highly proved in our practice .They influence an organism of the person at several levels simultaneously. While operating substances influence directly bodies and processes in our body, information components, by means of a bioresonance eliminate the reason of disease.
As a result of a similar combination, their peak efficiency is shown. In a basis lays progressive method of reversive regeneration – a method of return development of attributes of the last illnesses and restoration of an organism, about which we mentioned in the beginning of clause.

Advanced achievements phsychotronix, herbal medicines, homeopathy and a bioresonance are used. The carrier of the bioinformation is the vegetative multicomponent extract. The system of reversive regeneration is made with five basic reclaiming preparations of a wide spectrum of action (each preparation recycles some functions of an organism simultaneously) which mutually supplement each other and are intended for regeneration of all major parts of an organism (regeneration in Pentagram ).

Concentrates of the Pentagram

The general regenerative process begins with a medicine VIRONAL, which action is directed on microorganisms with which the human body collides more often. The preparation affects, first of all, a meridian of a spleen and lungs.

REGALEN in turn influences a meridian of a liver, a bilious bubble and three radiators. Compound components of a preparation are bitter substances which render the big influence on a metabolism of the person and detoxification its organism. At the third stage of regeneration it is applied.

RENOL, which action is directed on a meridian of kidneys and a bladder. Kidneys are one of the most important bodies of a human body, they distribute energy on all bodies, therefore their condition influences all the vital functions of an organism. For example easing of kidneys influences functioning of a backbone.

GYNEX - a harmonizing preparation of unusual action. GYNEX it is possible to apply at disease of a stomach and lungs, a pancreas, but its dominating influence is a meridian of conception and the general hormonal frustration. Men can apply GYNEX (as well as RENOL), for example, at problems with prostate gland .

KOROLEN influences a meridian of heart and a pericardium, a meridian of the manager. It influences the body which is being above all and operating all other bodies is a brain. Also influences vessels and blood.
Where all other preparations are poorly effective, there can often help KOROLEN.

Medicines can be used both with the purpose of preventive maintenance, and in cases of already available problems with health.

Improvement of functions of body is reached by alignment of power infringements. Process is many times over accelerated, owing to deducing of toxins from an organism by means of vegetative preparations and by means of the bioinformation.

In case of already available problems with health we shall recommend to you corresponding preparations .After a rate of their reception, it is desirable to continue the further preventive treatment. But through certain time it will be always necessary to return to a preparation which eliminates a principal cause of illness, especially in case of hereditary predisposition which presence can be found out also by means of an equipment available us.

There is possible to combinate only two medicines. Application of a lot of medicines simultaneously or their mixture does not bring desirable result. A basis of regeneration is detoxication an organism, therefore it is necessary to provide to an organism enough of pure water that toxins could leave your body. If in addition to all you will try to observe the certain rules of a feed, it is more to move and whenever possible to avoid stresses the result is guaranteed.